Easy WP SEO v1.81 Null

Easy WP SEO Plugin

Easy WP SEO Plugin

Easy WP SEO v1.81 Null

plus a whole lot of other goodies. This is HANDS-DOWN the best bonus package you’ll find anywhere!

Easy WordPress SEO, The Ultimate On-Page SEO Plugin!

A new WordPress SEO plugin for on-page optimization, called Easy WP SEO, is now available, and it BLOWS AWAY every other similar plugin on the market. It’s an awesome plugin that I’m excited to share with you. It makes the task of preparing your content to get the most “Google love” a breeze!


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Make 20$ Daily Easy (Newbie friendly).


Make 20$ Daily Easy

I am gonna show you a very easy method of earning $20 per day from working just an hour. The interesting fact is that you don’t need to be a tech savvy for using this method. If you can read and write English, you are eligible for making money with method.

I am gonna show you how you can make money from reviewing, grading and
commenting internet marketing product. I have divided the whole process into
the following steps. Follow the whole process and I am sure you gonna make
money from now.

Step-1: Finding an USA IP

There are several ways of getting a US IP. Like we can use socks proxy,
iprental or many other paid services. But I have tested the site with free VPN
proxy and still now it is working very well. I recommend using the following
process to find and US ip:

-> Go to Hotspot Shield. Download the free VPN software from there.

->Install the software in your computer.

-> Open Opera web browser.

-> Now go to the taskbar of your computer and find the icon of the hotspot
shield. Right click on it and click on the connect button.

-> Your VPN will be started in seconds. It will show that it is connected.

-> Now go to MYIP.NET – What’s my IP address? Website estimation, Whois,
Alexa rank, Google PageRank, Indexed, IP Reverse and check your IP. It will
show an US ip.

Now we have completed our first step. I recommend using hotspot shield VPN
because it is fast, free and most of the time you will get same IP. If you are
from USA skip this part.

Step-2: Getting US Identity

Now we need an US identity. It will be used for filling account information and
some other works. Follow the below process:

-> There are some websites which provides fake US identity information for
free. We will use one of them. I prefer to use Generate a Random Name – Fake
Name Generator This site generates random information. You can choose the
gender, name types etc.

-> Now go to Generate a Random Name – Fake Name Generator and generate an
identity and save the page for further use. We will use it for different

For example I have generated a female US identity.

-> Now go to http://www.gmail.com and open a new email address which sounds real to our new identity. Like my new generated name is Charlotte J. Wheeler. So I am gonna register the email ID charlotte.j.wheeler@gmail.com. Actually it is psychological.

We have completed our second step successfully. Now we have US ip and US

Step-3: Making Money

It is the most important part of our journey for money. We will use a site name
IMRC (IM Report Card) to make money. This site offers credits as rewards for
reviewing, commenting, grading and suggesting different types of products.
Their reward structure is as following:

Work Credits

Rate a review or other user’s comment 1 Credits

Grade a Product, Service, Person or Biz-Opp 10 Credits

Add your own comment to any review 50/100/150 Credits + *Bonus*

Suggest a new product, service, etc. for review 100 Credits

Refer another user to IM Report Card Whatever THEY earn!

Each credit has a money value.

1 Credit=$0.1

100 Credits=$1

Minimum Payout amount is $20. It pays via Paypal. So our target is to get daily payment. To get $20 daily we have to earn 20*100=2000 Credits.

To earn 2000 Credits we have to do only 40 commenting. Is not it very easy????
Yes, it is . I will show you how you can do all the process safely and will
receive your earning daily. Follow me:

-> Go to IMRC.
->Create a new account. Use the newly generated US information and our new
email ID for signing up.
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Traffic Accumulator

traffic accumulator
traffic accumulator

Traffic Accumulator

Instant Traffic Booster, In Less Than 6 Hours You can Generate a Flood Of FREE Targeted Traffic Increase Sales On Your Website. These *NEW* Mind-Blowing Programs Put Your Website on Steroids.



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Make 50$ a DAY with 7 EASY steps! with no investment


Make 50$ a DAY with 7 EASY steps! with no investment

If you haven’t yet, sign up to http : / /adf .ly / (remove spaces) and – Click “Join Now” and select “Link Shrinker” under Account Type.

If you haven’t yet sign up a YouTube, sign up here: YouTube.com

Go to sweetslyrics.com and directlyrics.com and check out their latest music news. Very often if not daily, a new song or mix tape is released from some very famous artists. Artists like Lady Gaga, Eminem, 50 Cents, Chris Brown, Lil Wayne, Katy Perry and Britney Spears. The more famous the artist the more money you make from this method. Get as many new song names from these two sites as possible, you could also try Google’s News search and search broad terms like, “new music” or “new song” – and pick up brand new song releases that way too. Every little helps. Now you should have a nice list of recently released hot of the press tracks to cash in on. REMEMBER: The key to this method is speed, persistence and consistency. That’s all.

Running through the list of songs you’ve got now, head to YouTube and search to see if any of them have already been uploaded, quite often the songs would have been but you will notice that they would have uploaded quite recently giving you enough time to duplicate their video (download – use KeepVid) and re-upload the song on your YouTube account. Trust me; you don’t have to be the first to rank no1 on YouTube search for anything… You just have to be the best. I will explain further. But first download the videos, and if you’ve got a super fast PC, remember that time is of the essence, reproduce the video, by adding instructions right at the beginning and end of the video suggesting to viewers that there are goodies to be found in the description that they do not want to miss out on, you can do this in Movie Maker really easily… This trick works really well and really explodes your earnings. Trust me on this one. I recommend you reproduce as I just suggested but if you can’t or your PC moves at a turtle pace then leave off the suggestion, why?, you don’t want to pass up your opportunity to be in early. Not necessarily first, but early! If God was to shine favour on you, you might even find you are indeed first to the party and you get VIP treatment from YouTube.

Now your videos are up, you’ll find that they probably don’t show up for a while. Not to worry, this is common – there is often a gap between a video being uploaded and it hitting the YouTube search pages. But despite knowing this, you mustn’t rest on your laurels! In fact besides being early to the party, this is the most important bit. If you are going to make a killing with this method, your video has got to rank high enough on the most popular search term for your song! Let me help you with that. The first step to achieving popularity for your video is titling your video extremely similar if not exactly the same as the most popular search term, and by title I mean the actual title of your YouTube video!Not some title you add to your movie file when publishing it in Movie Maker. Ok, so let’s say you uploaded a Lil Wayne track titled – “That’s what they call me”. Fittingly you should title your video – “Lil Wayne – That’s what they call me [2011 NEW SONG]” or something along those lines! The most popular search term is included – “Lil wayne that’s what they call me”, and the “[2011 NEW SONG]” bit makes your video stand out from the others that might employ your strategy too. What you fit into those braces could spell dessert or disaster so choose appropriately. Oh yeah, and pop a few relevant tags in there… don’t think they hold much weight though as I see videos rank top even without any tags but you never see that happen without an appropriate title. So pick your priorities right.

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Desktop PR Checker

Desktop PR Checker

Desktop PR Checker

Desktop PR Checker

Desktop PR Checker is great tools for SEO, You can Download Desktop PR Checker full Free.  This tool allows you to upload from file a list of proxies and a list of urls you want to check. Or you can enter them manually one by one. When you have entered your proxies list you need to click the Check Proxies button and select the Use Proxies checkbox (if you want to use proxies for checking). This will verify which proxies are live and only use those when checking PR.

You can then check the PageRank of your urls. Once completed you can also export your results to csv for your records. Please note that when you are uploading proxies and url lists, that it should be only only proxy and one url per line and it should be a text file.



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