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Computer programming for beginners

  Computer programming for beginners: Understand how it works This course helps you understand how computer programming works. Here, I will introduce you to the basic principles of programming. You will develop your logical thinking, while learning how to design algorithms. Becoming a programmer(software developer) does not mean to just learn a programming language. Nope!

Leadership Skills: Influence Others with Confidence

Leadership Skills: Influence Others with confidence Politics are available everywhere and especially at work. It is about practicing influence over your team and different departments to accomplish a task and attain goals (Leadership Skills), with or without the formal authority to authorize action. This course can help you if you work in a matrix environment

Guitar for Beginners Free

Guitar for Beginners Free If you are a beginner or intermediate musician this lesson is for you. Every single day people from everywhere send me emails saying that they’ve been struggling with Youtube Bossa Nova tutorials. Doubts about rhythm, scales and common chords in the style make it impossible to play and get the right

Free Cisco CCNA Training

Free Cisco CCNA Training One of the biggest issue with CCNAs is that they do not take their Training seriously. With this course, we will dive into the necessary technology that you will need to pass the CCNA exam and be a real CCNA at your job. CCNA is meant for anyone who wants to


  PMP®: Project Management Professional PROCESS GROUPS Exams Course Description 2016 Version The PMP® certification recognizes competence in leading and directing project teams. It provides project managers and members within the project team with a solid foundation of experience, knowledge and competency to successfully guide and direct projects that will have a positive impact on a company’s

Rank Your Videos Higher Using YouTube Subtitles

  YouTube SEO: Rank Your Videos Higher Using YouTube Subtitles Course Fully Updated for October 2016. Join my community of over 6,000 students learning my courses! This course is designed to improve your YouTube video search result rank (SEO) by the use of subtitles & closed captions (CC). By the end of this course you will be

Make and Sell Custom Shirts Using Merch by Amazon

Free Make and Sell Custom Shirts Using Merch by Amazon Merch by Amazon is Amazon’s newest platform for content creators. It allows anyone to create and sell shirts right on Amazon’s website with no upfront costs or minimum print runs. Anyone can now easily create custom branded shirts that their fans will love to wear.

Email Marketing For Affiliate Marketers

  Email Marketing For Affiliate Marketers Since the dawn of the Internet, savvy marketers have been pitching the elusive dream of the magical “push button” softwares…the online ATMs… Well, unfortunately for most, you’ve probably been burned enough times to have figured out that those “solutions” don’t exactly exist…or do they? In my experience online, the