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Creative vs critical thinking.

Creative vs critical thinking Creative thinking is described as: •making and communicating connections to think of many possibilities; •think and experience in various ways and use different points of view; •think of new and unusual possibilities; and •guide in generating and selecting alternatives. Critical thinking is described as: •analyzing and developing possibilities to compare and

What Creative thinking? Example of Creative thinking.

  What Creative thinking? Example of Creative thinking. •Creative thinking – generating new ideas by combining, changing, or re-applying existing ideas •Schumpeter (1883-1950) described an entrepreneur as an individual who carries out “new combinations” such as: –Introducing a new good –Introducing a new method of production –Opening a new market –Identifying a new source of

Logical thinking

  Logical thinking • A process in which one uses reasoning consistently to come to a conclusion • The ability to understand and to incorporate the rules of basic logical inference in everyday activities • Cause and effect  Logical thinking examples 1. A doctor diagnosing a patient’s illness 2. An engineer trying to determine why

Traditional thinking

  Traditional thinking  Follow or create a logical argument, figure out the answer, eliminate the incorrect paths and focus on the correct one. Western thinking is determined by “What is” Which is determined by: •Analysis •Judgement and •Argument. Lateral thinking The man in the Elevator  * **  A man lives on the tenth floor of

Why be creative?

  Why be creative? CHANGE! CHANGE! CHANGE! What worked yesterday won’t work today. FUN! FUN! FUN! FUN! FUN!    “Ideas have a life cycle.  They’re born, they develop, they reach maturity, and they die.  So we need a way to generate new ideas.  Creative thinking is that means, and like its biological counterpart, it’s also