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Classification of Decision making

Classification of Decision making * Decision making is classified by various thinkers. *—According to Simon – Decision making can be classified in to two types: 1.Programmed (Routine) 2.Non – Programmed (Newly) * —Chester Barnard classified Decision making in to two types : 1.Organizational 2.Personal * —Peter Drucker classified Decision making in to two types :

What is Decision Making?

  What is Decision Making?    —1# According to Terry: ‘Decision making is the selection of one behavior authority from two or more possible alternatives. 2# —Herbert Simon Says: ‘The optimum rational choice between alternative courses of action.’ —So, Decision making is the process of choosing a course of action from two or more alternatives.

Simple Application for Job.

  Simple Application for Job.  You can use this format for your jobs application. So it is one kind of sample application format.  jobs application is very important for getting new jobs.   November 25.2012 To The Admin Manager Or Head Of HR Company Name Company Address   Subject: Application for the position Administrative Officer. Sir,

Is HR Outsourcing setback for HR Professionals?

Is HR Outsourcing setback for HR Professionals? What can be outsourced? Alcohol and Drug Test Employee Background Checking Employees Benefits Administration Employment Screening Payroll Administration Regulatory Compliance Salary Surveys Time & Attendance Tracking Employee Liability Management Hiring and Recruiting Employee Training Performance Management Database Management Why HR Outsourcing? HR Outsourcing helps in Cost-savings: Costs are reduced